Tim Obern

Ray White Carpenter Realty

Tim Obern grew up surrounded by the talk and hustle of the real estate world, and entered the industry at 18 years of age.

His real estate journey saw him take up roles as a personal assistant, sales associate, salesperson, auctioneer, national training facilitator (for a leading real estate brand), business owner, and personal and office sales performance coach.

Tim’s experience in various fields has established an ability to inject lateral views and thought processes and advise at salesperson level through to large office level.

Starting his auctioneering career as the youngest auctioneer in New Zealand, at age 23, Tim quickly set about developing a nationally utilised independent auctioneering business for commercial and residential real estate. He has to date individually conducted over five thousand auctions and combined with his businesses, over ten thousand auctions.

Now evolved into Apollo Auctions NZ, Tim is focused on providing exciting auction calls and culture transforming coaching sessions to his clients. As a director of Apollo Auctions NZ he also sets out to develop and empower highly skilled and respected auctioneers, to build their own auctioneering business under the Apollo brand.

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