Your Profit Team

We're here to help our business owners build profit so they can invest in their business and create an environment where staff productivity and growth can excel.

We are continually looking for ways to improve the clarity of reporting and financial advice to our network. Our New Zealand strategy gives rise to decision-making based on the success of profitability. Being able to invest successfully in the infrastructure, lead generation, market share and branding of your business will largely be based on your ability to make a profit.

Profit Book 2019

Individual office analysis and support

  • All analysis and advice provided by our Profit BDE’s who are all CA or CPA qualified accountants
  • Tailored periodic reporting delivering performance reports through the different revenue channels of sales, principal and property management. 
  • The individual performance analysis of your sales team including the impact of recruitment and productivity on overall profitability.
  • Performance against benchmarks
  • Budgeting and forecasting advice and analysis
  • Advice in relation succession, restructuring and retention.
  • Market analytics and trends
  • Mentoring sessions focused and tailored to the individual office  
  • Systems support ensuring your accounting function is streamlined and software integrated to provide concise financial reporting
  • Training provided to accounting staff in upskilling on accounting software

The Annual Profit Benchmarking Report

The annual profit & benchmarking book collates the key financial metrics across our offices to provide the definitive benchmarking tool for New Zealand real estate businesses.

This offering is unique. It is one that brings together an aggregation of our network businesses to provide you with insights as to how your business performs individually aligned to best financial practice in the industry. Profit is a benchmark; profitability is a measure; sustained growth in profitability is success.

We calculate benchmarks for offices based on geography, size, age and type of office, which will provide an individual office visibility around what the network norms are around;

  • Revenue & productivity
  • Cost of Sales
  • Fixed desk costs
  • Profitability
  • Property management

We also perform detailed analysis on agent performance as they are the key drivers of a business. Performance management metrics designed to improve profitability include;

  • Profitability by recognition tiers
  • Tenure & productivity
  • The impact of recruitment 
  • The effect of performance management on a offices performance
  • Remuneration

What’s on the horizon for the Profit team?

  • Tailor made benchmarking software that will integrate with your accounting software and provide rolling twelve month reports.
  • Improved integration between franchisor CRM and franchisee accounting systems to automate data entry and improve reporting clarity
  • Real time productivity data to aid performance management  

1091 offices
across 12 countries

1589 members
with us for 10+ yrs 

1 in 6 Properties sold
across New Zealand

53 New Offices 2018/2019
across Australia & New Zealand

We sold 770,000 Homes Worldwide
78% more than in 1992 when we opened

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We are looking for genuinely committed business owners, salespeople (experienced or not),
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We’ve created a platform upon which we can genuinely innovate for tomorrow.

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An ambitious roadmap that is built upon the following core anchors:
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Talent & Leadership

Specialised development of high performing teams.

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Attract the best talent and develop your team
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Customer Experience

We support our business owners so they become famous for giving great customer experiences.

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High-standard customer service can win your clients’ hearts and make you recognizable within your target group.
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Bespoke data products that extend the competitive advantage of our network.

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Our in-house software development team. Focus on data, insight and automation.
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Information Technology

World-class digital service centred around real estate.

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The digital landscape is evolving and we ensure our businesses have the support required to harness and adapt to change.
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One System

The One System is a mature platform that has evolved over ten years with improved security updates and multi-million dollar investment

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This connected suite of real estate applications is the bedrock of improved client communication, internal productivity advantages and reporting tools.
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Deliver local area marketing campaigns to help our agents and offices profile themselves in their communities.

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We produce innovative original content for our agents each month.
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No other franchisor has a team dedicated to your financial health and prosperity.

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Tailored reports showing profit by channel (sales, principal and property management) along with profit by each sales agent.
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Property Management

Dedicated coaching for business leadership in property management.

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Ray White now manages over 150,000 properties globally. We are aware of the importance this delivers to our owners.
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Concierge’s mission is to continually stay ahead of the industry to deliver noticeably superior service to existing and future clients.

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We communicate with 305,000 existing and future clients a year on behalf of our principals, agents, property managers and brokers
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Franchise Opportunities

Franchise opportunities are available across the Ray White New Zealand network for people seeking a challenging yet rewarding career

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Ray White is committed to providing leading-edge technology and proven business strategies that have secured its ongoing success as a market leader.
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Loan Market

Our goal is to deliver tailored solutions to customers (and their families) that allow business owners and agents to add value beyond the real estate 'transaction'.

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We’ve been helping New Zealanders find the right loan from the largest panel of New Zealand’s leading banks and lenders.
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