The Ray White Difference

Continual commitment to Investment in our People, Technology & Process

The Ray White family is proud to present itself as a franchisor enabling prospective and existing real estate business owners to maximise their achievements and performance as their careers develop. We challenge our business owners to achieve their potential and to develop skills that they may not have initially possessed. We ourselves have been challenged over the years and we deeply value the relationships we have with all members of our network. Together we have created values and outcomes that have grown our network to become the clear leader across Australia and New Zealand, with many strong businesses emerging in other countries.


Brian White AO,
on behalf of the Ray White Family

Systems, technologies & insights that have transformed careers

The very core of our group’s purpose is to provide the best possible environment for all of our members to thrive.

This environment is created by positioning our customers at the centre of everything, and to drive improvement in customer experience through genuine leadership and technological innovation.

The White Family

A customer experience architecture to be proud of

Industry leading proprietory tools, technology, support & processes developed to benefit both members and customers

Ray White is committed to giving great customer
experience – it’s our number one priority. We are the
biggest real estate company in Australasia and we also
want to be famous for the way we treat our customers.
Many industries already understand that it’s no longer
enough to compete on product or service. For us in real
estate – we need to embrace this as our opportunity.
Customers dictate the rules. We need to adapt to meet
and exceed their expectations to set ourselves far ahead
of our competitors.

Video software built for smart Real Estate Agents! Enhance your property views, reach more people and create an immediate impact with Video Punch. For every listing positions us well with more views and longer visit times to our website eco system. As a group this now encompasses more than 70,000 property videos.

Our advocacy programme, which we refer to in our CRM as the “Pipeline”, is seeing on average an 80% listing conversion by offices using the systems, process and regular engagement models provided.

Our Concierge service supports our members by understanding important parts of the customer contract process, enhancing our customer service capacity. The also help to create scale for our members. Structured communication and customer engagement creates opportunities, growth and retention. 

An administration professional who operates in your business from another location, leaving you more time to do what you do best – grow your business! Also referred to as a “VA”.  Anything that can be done online and has a defined process, a VA can take off your hands!

Requesting a rental appraisal is completely free of obligation or cost so we encourage you to reach out and discover the possibilities available for your own investment property or portfolio. 

Exceptional customer experience architecture

More than just another email platform. ActivePipe’s dynamic and personalised customer journeys mean you’ll always deliver relevant property content unique to each client. In real estate, timing is everything. That’s why ActivePipe shows you exactly which contacts to speak to and why, so you can build relationships that lead to transactions.

78% of consumers upon initial contact with an agent expect a response within 30 minutes and 94% within an hour. We have the right tools to help your team to automatically respond with detailed information. We understand today that speed of reply is paramount to the client and sometimes the difference between success and failure. 

An after sales programme, signified by the yellow bows on doors, right through to the creation of the wow experience in the three months immediately after sale, leading to strong take up of invitations to our advocacy programmes. This has started to yield a culture which is determined to never lose a customer. 

G Suite is a set of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google. It contains all you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.

Automated lead referral from Ray White to Loan Market, Concierge and Home Now and vice versa, ensuring any opportunities are referred quickly and managed closely to maximise service levels.

Your New Zealand Support Team

The Ray White Group is committed to support the development of our members so they can deliver outstanding customer experience.

Here are 12 reasons and 12 innovative facets of Ray White dedicated to you and your business so we can continue to grow together


We’ve created a platform upon which we can genuinely innovate for tomorrow.

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With an ambitious 2019-20 roadmap that is built upon the following core anchors:
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Talent & Leadership

Specialised development of high performing teams.

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Attract the best talent and develop your team
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Customer Experience

We support our business owners so they become famous for giving great customer experiences.

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High-standard customer service can win your clients’ hearts and make you recognizable within your target group.
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Bespoke data products that extend the competitive advantage of our network.

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Our in-house software development team. Focus on data, insight and automation.
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Information Technology

World-class digital service centred around real estate.

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The digital landscape is evolving and we ensure our businesses have the support required to harness and adapt to change.
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One System

The One System is a mature platform that has evolved over ten years with improved security updates and multi-million dollar investment

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This connected suite of real estate applications is the bedrock of improved client communication, internal productivity advantages and reporting tools.
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Deliver local area marketing campaigns to help our agents and offices profile themselves in their communities.

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We produce innovative original content for our agents each month.
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No other franchisor has a team dedicated to your financial health and prosperity.

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Tailored reports showing profit by channel (sales, principal and property management) along with profit by each sales agent.
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Property Management

Dedicated coaching for business leadership in property management.

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Ray White now manages over 150,000 properties globally. We are aware of the importance this delivers to our owners.
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Concierge’s mission is to continually stay ahead of the industry to deliver noticeably superior service to existing and future clients.

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We communicate with 305,000 existing and future clients a year on behalf of our principals, agents, property managers and brokers
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Franchise Opportunities

Franchise opportunities are available across the Ray White New Zealand network for people seeking a challenging yet rewarding career

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Ray White is committed to providing leading-edge technology and proven business strategies that have secured its ongoing success as a market leader.
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Loan Market

Our goal is to deliver tailored solutions to customers (and their families) that allow business owners and agents to add value beyond the real estate 'transaction'.

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We’ve been helping New Zealanders find the right loan from the largest panel of New Zealand’s leading banks and lenders.
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