Daniel Coulson

Chief Executive

Since 2008, Daniel has forged a path in real estate that has seen him work at a 'front-line' level; firstly as a salesperson, then as an auctioneer, where he has personally auctioned in excess of 8,000 properties, being recognised on multiple occasions by both the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand as well as the Real Estate Institute of Australasia as the leading auctioneer.

In more recent years, Daniel has led at a strategic level across multiple market sectors in national roles working with franchises, offices and salespeople to grow their businesses and market share.

Having joined Ray White in 2020 as the company's Chief Operating Officer. This work, together with change management he has worked to influence, strategise, and help the company collaborate to higher levels of performance. His progression to the role of Chief Executive has been a natural transition, and now sees Daniel lead an organisation that is proud to combine 195 locally owned and operated businesses.

Daniel is regularly called upon by the media for market commentary and analysis of the real estate sector, as well as serving on the Auction Sector Group for the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand.

Treena Drinnan

Chief Agency Officer

Treena began her career in real estate at the age of 17 and has expansive experience in management, compliance, customer satisfaction and franchising of real estate.

A licensed agent in her own right (AREINZ) Treena has held senior management roles for various Australasian real estate franchises throughout her extensive career.

Bringing a vast array of real estate knowledge and expertise Treena joined the Ray White corporate team in January 2019 in the role of Head of Network Services and quickly transitioned to Chief Agency Officer.

Treena has been integral in the accomplishment of outcomes that have kept us at the forefront of the industry, leading us through significant change and new and unknown experiences such as Covid-19.

Treena has more recently taken up a position with our specialist leaders group (SLG) as the New Zealand representative reporting to the Ray White Board while she continues her role as Chief Agency Officer.

Treena is responsbile for real estate industry relations and is our media voice on compliance and legislation.

Treena also represents Region 1, Northland, Auckland, Coromandel as a Regional Director to the REINZ Board.

Carey Smith

Executive Chairman

With an illustrious career spanning several decades, Carey ventured into the real estate industry at 17, laying the foundation for his remarkable journey. Throughout his professional tenure, he has significantly contributed to the esteemed Ray White Group, assuming various roles such as salesperson, franchise owner, and development manager. Since 1998, Carey has proudly served as the Chief Executive of Ray White's New Zealand operations, guiding the company towards unprecedented growth and success.

Carey embarked on his corporate career with Ray White in Sydney during the latter part of 1989, where he excelled as a development manager and auctioneer. In 1994, after successfully managing a business for two years, he undertook the challenge of merging Mair & Co and Peet & Co into the prestigious Ray White brand, thus becoming an integral part of Western Australian operations. Recognising his expertise and dedication, Carey was entrusted with leading Ray White's expansion into New Zealand in 1996 when the company operated under United Realty, boasting an impressive 58 offices. Shortly thereafter, in late 1998, he assumed leadership of the operation, overseeing its conversion to Ray White United and, subsequently, Ray White Real Estate.

In addition to his vast experience in the real estate industry, Carey possesses a profound understanding of family businesses and succession planning. To further enhance his knowledge and skills, he pursued advanced studies at Harvard Business School, where he completed the prestigious OPM course, graduating in 2018. This educational pursuit has undoubtedly contributed to his strategic acumen and leadership prowess.

Building upon his impressive track record, Carey transitioned to Executive Chairman in late 2022, a testament to his exceptional leadership and valuable contributions to Ray White New Zealand. This elevated position further strengthens the organisation's leadership structure, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the real estate industry.

Carey's outstanding achievements and commitment to excellence have earned him the esteemed status of a Life Member of the REINZ (Real Estate Institute of New Zealand), recognising his significant contributions and unwavering dedication to the industry.

Stephanie Watson

Head of Franchise Operations

Stephanie has been with the Ray White Corporate team since 2007. Her extensive corporate experience assists in the development of formal relationships between corporate staff in New Zealand and Australia, New Zealand franchises, our clients, and financial members. Stephanie oversees all internal and external franchise liaison - including maintaining legal documentation for new and existing franchisees, the onboarding process for new offices, the implementation and financial reporting and New Zealand network performance statistics. Stephanie provides EA support to Daniel Coulson, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand and Carey Smith, Executive Chairman. Stephanie has extensive experience in events and is responsible for bringing together our annual conference and awards programme, business owners symposium and other significant events. Co-ordinating the recent refurbishment of the corporate premises in New Zealand, Stephanie is also responsible for the day-to-day management of the corporate premises.

Zac Snelling

Head of Property Management

Zac began his career with Ray White in 2007 as a Property Manager and has since acquired a wide range of experience in the industry through different roles within the Ray White group, eventually leaving to start his own independent property management company. This experience has given Zac a large skill set and a true passion for the industry which he brings into his role as Head of Property Management for Ray White New Zealand. Zac sees his role as a way to support and develop the businesses within our network to achieve their goals through rent roll growth, improved profitability, and ongoing skills improvement through the delivery of increased learning and development opportunities for Ray White Property Managers.

Andy Ebbett

Head of Network Finance (NZ)

Andy is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ) and has joined Ray White after 10 years working in public practice for various accounting firms, predominantly working with small to medium-sized businesses. Before this, he spent 10 years in Spain running his own business, so he understands the challenges faced by business owners in their day-to-day operations. Andy loves the challenge of enhancing the financial performance of the Ray White network and partnering with business owners to help them interpret their numbers and identify the key drivers that will impact their financial and personal success.

Larissa Tuhaka

Head of Marketing

Larissa is a highly experienced marketing professional with over 16 years of expertise. She excels in various areas such as building brand value, devising marketing strategies, graphic design, stakeholder management, public speaking, and photo and video production.

Known for her natural leadership qualities, Larissa is described as efficient, energetic, and ambitious. She thrives on solving problems and inspiring individuals to reach their full potential, whether personally or professionally.

With a background as a former track and field athlete from New Zealand, Larissa embodies self-motivation and discipline. She consistently delivers work of the highest standard while continuously seeking improvement and challenging herself and her team. Larissa believes in the power of continuous learning to foster innovative thinking and discover new solutions for future challenges.

Currently, Larissa is a valued member of the Ray White company, a renowned family-owned business with a 120-year history. In her role, she oversees international marketing initiatives for Ray White New Zealand, ensuring the company's visual identity remains prominent and consistent. Larissa also manages national marketing campaigns and maintains long-standing relationships with print, media partners, and suppliers. Her competitive spirit, combined with her position as a current representative for Track & Field in New Zealand, drives her to go the extra mile and strive for exceptional results that benefit the entire organization.

Keith Ashkettle

Head of Technology

A highly accomplished professional with 19 years of experience at Ray White New Zealand. He manages the organisation's technology and systems, making him a trusted leader in project and change management. Keith plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's strategic direction by identifying technology opportunities for business growth and competitive advantage.

Keith's impact goes beyond strategic planning. He actively engages with team members, empowering them to adopt cutting-edge technology solutions for enhanced customer experience, increased traffic, and lead generation. Keith's notable achievement is his role in developing and implementing the highly successful One System initiative, which brings together core partners and integrates their systems into a unified platform.

Keith's dedication to staying ahead of the curve is what sets him apart. He maintains an extensive network of industry experts and consistently explores new technologies and best practices. Ray White New Zealand relies on Keith's expertise to navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape, making him an invaluable asset to the management team. With his comprehensive skill set and strong project and change management control, Keith has earned the reputation of a reliable and visionary leader, ensuring the continued success of Ray White New Zealand.

Mitch Kinney

Executive Assistant

Mitch collaborates closely with Daniel Coulson and Treena Drinnan, offering organisational support to optimise their day-to-day activities. With over five years serving as a high-level C-suite executive assistant, he has honed his skills and now manages Ray White's recognition program, mentoring initiatives, and corporate member travel, ensuring all aspects are managed strategically. Mitch also takes charge of events and training activities while contributing to the smooth running of daily operations at the corporate office, showcasing strong leadership skills in his decision-making. He is a self-driven learner who approaches each task with a high level of professionalism. Mitch is committed to continuously seeking ways to enhance efficiency and is passionate about nurturing enduring business connections.

Hanna Kelly

Marketing Manager

Hanna is the driving force behind the success of the Ray White marketing team in New Zealand. Collaborating closely with Larissa, the Head of Marketing, Hanna ensures that all marketing tools are not only readily available but also highly relevant to the company's objectives. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for creativity, she maintains the company's visual identity at the forefront of every marketing endeavour, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence.

In addition to her role in visual identity management, Hanna also takes charge of internal communications, fostering seamless coordination and effective information flow within the organisation. She leverages her expertise in social media management to curate compelling online content that engages and captivates the target audience. Furthermore, Hanna spearheads national marketing initiatives, carefully crafting strategic campaigns that propel the Ray White brand to new heights.

Having spent more than a decade within the Ray White group, Hanna possesses an extensive knowledge base and a deep understanding of the real estate industry. Her multifaceted experience has equipped her with invaluable insights and a comprehensive skill set that enables her to drive impactful marketing strategies.

Fuelled by a genuine passion for marketing and design, Hanna consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the company's marketing efforts reflects innovation and excellence. Her unwavering dedication and creative flair contribute significantly to the overall success of Ray White, solidifying its position as a leading force in the industry.

Sam Steele

Head Auctioneer (NZ)

Head Auctioneer for Ray White New Zealand Sam Steele uses his immense experience to add to Ray White’s already stellar auction clearance rate. Having called thousands of auctions nationwide and sold billions of dollars in value, Sam understands the complexities of each individual transaction.

An award-winning auctioneer, Sam uses his in-depth knowledge across all asset categories to ensure not only stand out results for his clients but an enjoyable experience.

Sam prides himself on ensuring auctions are conducted with professionalism, clarity and enthusiasm. Sam is regularly called upon by the media for commentary in the marketplace.

No stranger to performance under pressure – Sam spent years as an athlete competing internationally for New Zealand and on the professional circuit.

Ben East

Training Manager / Auctioneer

Ben East is a highly accomplished Training Manager and Auctioneer renowned for his exceptional performance in the industry. With a reputation for delivering impressive results early in his career, Ben has become one of New Zealand's most dynamic and sought-after young auctioneers. His unwavering commitment to professionalism, boundless energy, and genuine presence make him a standout figure in the field.

Ben's core values have been instrumental in his continued success, driven by a deep passion for real estate and an unwavering desire to achieve optimal outcomes for his clients. His ability to forge instant connections with people sets him apart, enabling him to establish strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Throughout the entire marketing campaign, Ben remains actively involved, offering invaluable tips and insights to ensure the best possible results.

Beyond his remarkable achievements, Ben is dedicated to giving back to the community. He has generously conducted numerous charity auctions for Ray White New Zealand offices, demonstrating his genuine concern for making a positive impact in the lives of others.

In summary, Ben East is a Training Manager and Auctioneer who embodies professionalism, passion, and a relentless drive for excellence. His exceptional ability to connect with people and his commitment to building solid relationships sets him apart as a truly exceptional professional in the industry.

Cynthia Lam

Executive Performance Support - Property Management

Cynthia began her career working with one of the world’s largest video game companies, Blizzard Entertainment, where she was responsible for the management of all merchandise and licensed products across the Asia-Pacific region. This role greatly broadened her skillset and provided a unique perspective on business operations, and it is these learnings she has since leveraged in her work within the Property Management industry.

Since moving into property management Cynthia has gained extensive experience within the industry, having held diverse roles ranging from Administrator to Property Manager, culminating in her most recent position as a property management Team Leader with a prominent property management company.

Through her various property management roles, she found her passion lies in driving rent roll growth and business development, which was fully realised during her time as a property management business owner and building a sizeable rent roll from scratch.

Drawing on this vast property management background, including being an investor herself, Cynthia brings expertise to the Ray White group across all areas including tenancy law, dispute resolutions, team management and business development, providing a valuable contribution to our members.