Your One System Team

The One System has evolved over six years, enjoying high levels of availability, improved security updates and multi-million dollar investment to evolve the feature set in-line with industry changes, more than 600 specific features have been added based on office, agent and technology expert feedback.

The One System enables us to deliver outstanding client experiences,
assist with business growth and deliver value to our business owners
around productivity for their people!

This is the lifeblood of our office network, helping principals and agents list and sell more property in a digital age. Simple to access and easy to use, The One System integrates all of your office information, making it easier to market property as well as communicate with buyers, sellers, landlords and Tenants. Comprising a suite of cutting edge real estate specific applications, this is your competitive advantage. 

Training and Support Resources

A dedicated team of technology trainers for our network and members to:

Set up the technology platform
Member on-boarding
The on-going training of “Why and How” to use the platform


A sales training platform developed over the last five years based on three decades of real estate knowledge.
A series of learning and development modules

Digital Lead Management

In addition to our One System tools, we have a number of integrated partners we call One System Extra’s to help agents

Virtual Assistants

An outsourced range of pre-built processes that offices connect to in the form of Virtual Assistants

A menu-based services suite has been created and all VA’s come “Ray White ready”.



Benefits to your business

Business leaders

• Reduce the complexity of running your real estate business
• A united platform to better negotiate with suppliers rather than have them divide and conquer offices as individuals
• Enhance the ability to recruit, train and retain quality staff
• No surprises due to simplifying IT software costs and positioning your business for growth
• Access to better information and timely reporting to help run your business more effectively
• One centralised support solution to service the core One System applications
• Mobilise your workforce simply and efficiently
• Secure, scalable and cloud based
• Ongoing updates and developments
• Improved online presence


• Access to information from any device anytime
• Improved communication options to clients
• Quick and easy document creation for listing presentations and vendor reporting
• Agent specific websites for increased lead generation
• Automatic customer surveys putting you in control of your brand
• Local online strategies to keep your profile current in your market
• Ability to stay in touch with more clients by leveraging technology
• Mobile apps to assist at open homes and listing presentations, with property estimations made easy
• Buyer matches made easy with ready to use templates
• Self-paced training material for all members

Property management

• Secure and simple log in to all One System applications
• Secure cloud based storage of all landlord data for access anywhere, anytime
• Quick access to a world class library of property management business templates
• Access to property management reporting systems and key performance indicator tracking
• Mobile apps for property appraisals and inspections
• Ability to regularly survey landlords and tenants
• Real time rental data
• Professional presentation templates

Office administrators

• Easy onboarding and exiting of members in your office
• Ability to control security permissions across all One System applications
• Built-in real estate reports
• Ability to share calendars for effective team management
• Ability to create time saving email templates
• Structured online document storage for sharing with agents and office staff
• Template driven professional presentations from easy to use templates
• Automated end of month reporting on a range of sales results
• Training programs to develop your team

What’s on the horizon for the One System team?

  • Increased integration of systems to simplify agents use 
  • Real time responses to incoming digital inquiry and timed delivery of communications to your clients
  • Improved vendor reporting with built-in market feedback
  • Auto population of agent profiles into a selected set of portals and digital platforms.
  • Developing principal dashboards.
  • Piloting corporate lead generation for accredited offices.
  • Mobile first development for all agent facing technology.
  • Significant uplift in the ease of use for VaultRE and Propertysmarts for agents.
  • Simplifying referrals and conjunctions within The One System.

1091 offices
across 12 countries

1589 members
with us for 10+ yrs 

1 in 6 Properties sold
across New Zealand

53 New Offices 2018/2019
across Australia & New Zealand

We sold 770,000 Homes Worldwide
78% more than in 1992 when we opened

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Join the Ray White Team

We are looking for genuinely committed business owners, salespeople (experienced or not),
property managers, and administration staff to join us


We’ve created a platform upon which we can genuinely innovate for tomorrow.

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An ambitious roadmap that is built upon the following core anchors:
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Talent & Leadership

Specialised development of high performing teams.

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Attract the best talent and develop your team
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Customer Experience

We support our business owners so they become famous for giving great customer experiences.

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High-standard customer service can win your clients’ hearts and make you recognizable within your target group.
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Bespoke data products that extend the competitive advantage of our network.

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Our in-house software development team. Focus on data, insight and automation.
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Information Technology

World-class digital service centred around real estate.

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The digital landscape is evolving and we ensure our businesses have the support required to harness and adapt to change.
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One System

The One System is a mature platform that has evolved over ten years with improved security updates and multi-million dollar investment

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This connected suite of real estate applications is the bedrock of improved client communication, internal productivity advantages and reporting tools.
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Deliver local area marketing campaigns to help our agents and offices profile themselves in their communities.

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We produce innovative original content for our agents each month.
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No other franchisor has a team dedicated to your financial health and prosperity.

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Tailored reports showing profit by channel (sales, principal and property management) along with profit by each sales agent.
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Property Management

Dedicated coaching for business leadership in property management.

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Ray White now manages over 150,000 properties globally. We are aware of the importance this delivers to our owners.
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Concierge’s mission is to continually stay ahead of the industry to deliver noticeably superior service to existing and future clients.

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We communicate with 305,000 existing and future clients a year on behalf of our principals, agents, property managers and brokers
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Franchise Opportunities

Franchise opportunities are available across the Ray White New Zealand network for people seeking a challenging yet rewarding career

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Ray White is committed to providing leading-edge technology and proven business strategies that have secured its ongoing success as a market leader.
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Loan Market

Our goal is to deliver tailored solutions to customers (and their families) that allow business owners and agents to add value beyond the real estate 'transaction'.

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We’ve been helping New Zealanders find the right loan from the largest panel of New Zealand’s leading banks and lenders.
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